Laser Diode
Sorted by laser optics
Sorted by outer dimensions
Sorted by applications
Sorted by wavelength
Laser accessories
DC extension cables--DC extension cables

We can offer split extension cables with one-to-two, one-to-three, one-to-five, one-to-ten based on your needs and products specifications

Laser fixtures--Big base fixture

Good heat dissipation, perfectly match with the vertical and horizontal surface, more stable

Laser fixtures--High precision fixture

High precision, two-dimensional tilt and translation adjustable

Laser fixtures--Doublepole fixture

Aviation aluminum, less screws, small affection by vibration. Angle and horizontal distance adjustable

Laser fixtures--Double-hole fixture

One hole for laser and another hole for the rail. More convenient for horizontal movement and vertical rotation

Laser fixtures--Universal fixture

Random angle adjustable , for different installation

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